Whatcom families set clear boundaries to protect their kids.

Many believe it’s good to be a friend to your kids, but it’s best to be a parent to them. In other words, your kids need you to set and enforce fair rules that protect them.

Being a loving parent means being attentive about their behavior and their circle of friends. It means fostering positive interactions that sustain a trusting and nurturing relationship that will encourage your kids to make healthy decisions for years to come.

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Nearly all Whatcom parents

check to see if the parties their kids attend will have adult supervision.

Nearly all Whatcom parents

set a time for their children to be home.

Whatcom youth who have fun with their parents are

60% less likely to use alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

Nearly all Whatcom parents

have recently talked to their kids about the risks of using alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs.

My kids don’t listen to me!

Power to the parents.

Power to the parents. When it comes to cleaning up rooms or putting away dirty dishes, it probably seems like your kids don’t listen to you as closely as they could. However, when it comes to important matters, choices about values and life-altering decisions, adults consistently underestimate the influence they actually have with kids. Remember that the effects you have on your kids may not always be immediately apparent. Step up and be sure your kids understand your values and your commitment to their safety and health.

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