Whatcom families help their kids avoid using pot.

Parents often underestimate the influence they have on their kids’ choice to use substances. One of the key reasons why kids don’t use pot is because they know their parents don’t approve of it. Teens are five times less likely to use pot when their parents disapprove of it.

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of Whatcom parents believe it would be wrong for their child to use marijuana.


of Whatcom parents have recently talked to their kids about the risks of using marijuana.

Whatcom high school students that participate in school clubs or activities are

3x times less likely to use pot.

Whatcom high school students who report having fun with their parents are more than

60% less likely to use pot.

But pot is legal now, so it’s OK. Right?

Pot is NOT for kids.

Adolescents’ developing brains are particularly vulnerable to lasting damage from marijuana. Short term negative impacts include attention, memory, and decision making problems. Long term usage can result in poor school performance, higher dropout rates, increased welfare dependence, greater unemployment, and lower life satisfaction. One study found that sustained use resulted in an IQ loss of 6 points, comparable to being exposed to lead paint.

In addition, marijuana is more addictive for youth than adults with 1 in 6 people becoming addicted if they start using it before their twenties.

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