Whatcom families protect their kids with community.

Strategically use the people your kids see and interact with every day as armor to protect them from unsafe behavior. Community spaces are safe spaces, with protectors appearing in many forms—as special teachers, coaches, neighbors, or mentors.

Create opportunities for your kids to have positive connections with healthy adults. It can make a huge difference, especially if they hit a rough a patch.

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Teens involved with healthy community activities report

23% less alcohol use.

Teens involved with healthy
community activities report

45% less marijuana use.

Whatcom youth who participate in sports, clubs, or similar activities are

50% less likely to smoke cigarettes.

Whatcom high school students that participate in school clubs are

three times less likely to use pot.

Activities are too expensive
for our family!

Create opportunities that fit your unique circumstances.

It’s true, the fees and equipment costs associated with some school and community activities are too expensive for some families. Not all activities are costly, however. Local youth organizations offer a wide variety of after school programs that are low cost (or even no cost). Check with your local school or community programs about options that are a good fit for your particular circumstances.

In addition, Whatcom County is rich with free parks and trails.

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